The sky of Jojó is a musical and puppet show aimed at family and school audiences, especially for ages 5 to 10. It is a story that tells us about the transformation, the life cycle, the small and big losses, the old age.
Joana goes up to play on the roof of her house. And as she watches the clouds she thinks she hasn't seen her grandmother for days and wonders where she must have gone. Her mother, to explain the disappearance of her grandmother, tells her the story of Jojó, a cow who, like her grandmother, also grew up and also disappeared. The girl and her mother go to the Jojó's farm, and from this cow and the animals that live with her, the girl will get some clues to better understand old age and the life cycle.

Jojó is a very wise cow because she has had a life full of adventures. So all the animals on the farm, when they have a problem, come to her for advice. And Jojó, as a good advisor and based on her experiences, helps them. But Jojó, over the years, has not only gained wisdom. It has also grown. And little by little it has lost parts: first the stain, then the tail, the breasts, the horns. From these losses, Jojó will understand the transformation, the passage of years, the cycle of life. Until they disappear, but leaving their mark on things and animals that have been part of their daily lives.
Author Esther Westermeyer (from the story of Jojo la mach, by O. Douzou)
Performers Neus Umbert / Maria Casellas and Esther Westermeyer
Director Maria Casellas
Music Cristina Gavilán
Scenography and puppets Martí Doy
Lighting design Guillem Rodríguez
Technician Guillem Bonfill
Recording and music arrangements Albert Mora
Graphic Design Meisi
Photography Ana Zaragoza Bermejo
Video Francesc Isern
Executive Production Inspira Teatre


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