Ornet wants to sing

Do you listen to the music that your heart sings?
Ornet wants to sing is a puppet show and a lot of live music for family and school audiences from 3 years old.
A call to be predisposed to listen to what makes us vibrate and which is our life engine.
A song about effort, perseverance and the importance of finding good companions along the way.
A reflection on success and failure, and the existence of both.
With humor but no less truth, two explorers, one very fearful and one curious about everything around him, have made a wonderful discovery: a new species! This is how we will know the story of Ornet, a bird that has a crazy desire to see the world and to sing in the choir of The Great Melodious Tree. But it does not have enough level to pass the entrance test. Despite all his efforts to improve, he finds neither the right method nor the right person to accompany him in his learning. So, with his heart broken and doomed to failure, he decides to never sing again and go to the farthest place he knows. But then, in this escape, his true learning begins.
Authorship Esther Westermeyer (from Blai, the songbird of Satoshi Kitamura and the life of Ornette Coleman)
Interpreters David Anguera and Esther Westermeyer
Direction Inspira Teatre with the collaboration of Juanjo Marín
Music Mònica Samit
Dramaturgy Inspira Teatre, Bàrbara Becker and Neus Umbert
Scenography and puppets Martí Doy
Technician Guillem Bonfill
Lighting design Guillem Bonfill and Sofia Martori
Photography Marina Suleymanova and Ana Zaragoza Bermejo
Video Filigrana Produccions


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